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Oversized and heavy cargoes

Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo – One of the most difficult kinds of the transportations, making special demands to each stage of work.

Bulky goods, according to traffic regulations - are cargoes, at which though one from their dimensions exceeds: in width 2,6m., in height from a road surface - 4m. (for container trucks on established by Ukravtodor and the Inspectorate routes - 4,35m.), in length - 22m. (for routing vehicles - 25m.), a back dimension of a vehicle more than on 2m.

Cargoes which support vehicle dimensions in front or behind more than on 1m., and on width exceeds 0,4m. from external edge of a forward or back dimensional lantern should be designated recognition symbols, and supersize and large-sized vehicles - also with included flashing (flashing light) orange colour.

oversized 1

Heavy or super heavy cargoes - are cargoes which exceed actual weight from above 38tn. (on established by Ukravtodor and Inspectorate routes - to 40tn.; for container trucks - above 44tn., on the routes established for them - up to 46tn.), loading on a single axis - 11tn. (for buses, trolley buses - 11,5tn.), dual axes - 16tn., three-throw - 22tn. (for container trucks loading on a single axis - 11tn., dual axes - 18tn., three-throw - 24tn.). According to norms of some European countries, the standard sizes of the road-train are made 16,5 (length) х 2,5 (width) х 4,0 m (height) = 38,0 tn.


Some deviations even one of parameters can demand the special approach in the organization of transportation: receiving of special permits, supports by cars of cover, adaptation of a road cloth and communications. In the different countries it is separated rules, accordingly, there is a probability that receiving of permission will be tightened for months, the transportation route can increase by hundreds kilometres, because of detour of some highways. The High probability of that - a route will lie through other countries that will demand reception of additional coordination and permissions, and it increases cost in several times, considering idle time of truck. Also it is necessary to consider weight of cargo which can make the demands to a vehicle and route choice, especially in Ukraine and other CIS countries where the basic bridges and overpasses have been erected in the sixties and even the strongest are not calculated on loading above 80,0 tn.

Some large-sized cargo by sea can be transported in several ways:

Method Ro-Ro. For self-propelled cargoes Technics independently comes and descends from a vessel. On a sea-craft such cargoes will be either on a deck or in holds.

For not self-propelled cargoes (method MafiTrailer or RollMafiTrailer) - Cargo is established on a special platform (mafiTrailer or RollMafitrailer), fastens and gone on a vessel (ferry) of class Ro-Ro. Further it is transported as self-propelled cargo.

Method of bulk. As a rule, the bulk classify as a vessel transporting dry unpacked cargo. But this concept does not exclude such vessels which can transport both cargo an embankment, and packed or bulky goods. These vessels take on board oversized cargoes overloads.

oversized 2

Method of container transportation. This method approaches for transportation of all kinds of the industrial equipment and the technics which components probably to place in the standard or specialized container. It is the most effective kind of delivery of oversized cargo, as due to financial, and on time expenses. Doubtless advantage of container transportation is possibility to provide to oversized cargo the maximum mode of safety at THC because the cargo is not overloaded, but the container, on which it is located.


Standard containers. - are applied for transportation of big arrange of cargoes, suitable on dimensions for casing in the container. Specialized containers - if technics or equipment cannot be placed in the standard container, there is a probability that they can be placed in specialized containers:

Flat Rack – the containers consisting of the basis and face walls.

Open Top – the containers opening above.

Flat platform – open container platforms.

oversized 3

By rail it is possible to transport cargoes in gondola cars and on platforms. Experts of company MAN group will do the utmost for calculation of indication price of the given service and to avoid unforeseen expenses which are difficult for expecting in similar projects.