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Road Freight

«МАN GROUPS» - is the company specializing on the international autotransportations of any types of cargoes in any directions of Europe and the CIS, and also transportations of oversized, superheavy and project cargoes across Ukraine. Autotransportation is possible all kinds of cargoes as general and dangerous.

avto 1Dangerous cargoes - substances, materials and the products possessing properties, which display by transportation can serve as a cause of the explosion and (or) a fire can lead to death, to disease, to traumatize, to a poisoning, an irradiation or burns of people and (or) animals and also can cause damage of constructions, vehicles, other objects of transportation and (or) can harm to environment.

  • The Truck for transportation of dangerous cargoes is necessary to order in advance (as a rule, for 6-7 working days from prospective date of transportation);
  • For transportation of dangerous cargoes it is necessary to prepare emergency cards (safety date sheet) in languages of the transit countries and language, which will clear driver which are made on the basis of the substance passport, and also routing sheets in which routes of transportation of dangerous cargoes are specified. The driver should adhere strictly to the routes specified in routing sheet;
  • It is necessary to prepare accompanying documents on transportation of dangerous cargoes: certificates, the substance passport, TTN (СМR), invoices. As a rule, on registration and the coordination of a route of transportation of dangerous cargoes are necessary 3-5 days;
  • By transportation of dangerous cargoes it is necessary to observe a high-speed mode, therefore high-speed transportation of ADR cargo is not supposed;
  • Some groups of dangerous cargoes are supposed to joint transportation
  • At loading, unloading, and also at transportation of dangerous cargoes, the driver is the responsible person in this connection it has the right not to accept cargo ADR to transportation in case incorrectly or with errors the accompanying documentations are issued, rules of transportation of dangerous cargoes aren't observed, the container or not corresponding marks is damaged or deformed

The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR),has been made in Geneva on September, 30th, 1957 under the aegis of ECE United Nations and has come into force on January, 29th, 1968.

Dangerous cargoes, depending on their name, physical and chemical characteristics, packing can be transported both in cars an awning, and in special (tanks, refrigerators)

Transportation by specialized vehicles also is possible for certain cargo what probably to carry out to cars:

  • container trucks
  • refcontainers
  • autocarts
  • tankers
  • cars transporting animals
  • dump-body trucks
  • truckplatforms
  • others

Transportation of the consolidated and groupage cargoes also is possible as directly from senders from Europe and through the European warehouses of our agents which can issue the export declaration or transit, CMR and opens TIR if necessary.