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Railway Freight

«МАN GROUPS» - is the company specializing on the international rail transportations of any types of cargoes in any directions of Europe, CIS, the countries of Asia, and also international transportation of oversized, superheavy and project cargoes and across Ukraine.

Rail transportation is possible for all kinds of cargoes as general and dangerous. The given kind of transportation at great volumes across Ukraine is especially interesting, to Russia and other CIS countries, countries of Asia. We are ready to develop optimum schemes of routes for any cargoes.

The car is unit of a rolling stock of the railways. The car is intended for transportation of cargoes. Cars differ on number of wheel pairs (DGR) — are issued 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16; on the device of running gears —trolleys and untrolley. Key parameters characterizing the car: load-carrying capacity, own weight of the car (container), axial loading, loading on 1 m of a way (running loading).

Basic kinds of cars for transportation of cargoes:

Covered car

The covered car is intended for maintenance of safety of transported cargo in adverse meteoconditions, protection against theft and mechanical damages.

railway 4Covered freight car


railway 5Car-thermos


railway 3Covered car for transportation of cars


Cars of isothermal park concern covered cars also: the car-glacier, refrigerator car, car-thermos.

Gondola car

railway 1Gondola car is intended for transportation of bulk cargoes (ore, coal, gumboils, lumber and etc.), containers, other cargoes not demanding protection against an atmospheric precipitation.


railway 2Lidman gondola car



railway 7Tanks are intended for transportation of liquids: oil products, chemically-active and aggressive liquid substances, depressed gas the propane-butane, oxygen), waters, ilk. Cars-tanks are used also for flour and cement transportation.



railway 9Platforms are intended for transportation of lengthy, piece and loose cargoes, containers and the equipment, not demanding protection against atmospheric influences.

Four-wheel axle platform.

Fitting platform - is specialized platform intended for transportation of large-capacity containers and equipped in specialized knots for their fastening — by fitting emphasis.

railway 640-foot containers on platforms



Hopper is intended for transportation of mass loose cargoes: coal, ore, cement, grain, a ballast.

railway 8Car-hopper


Employees of "MAN-GROUPS" will help to organize practically any rail transportations independently of complexity. The big variety of a rolling stock allows to carry out the international rail transportation of cargoes of various parameters at any ways of loading and on any distances.