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Low-tonnage cargoes

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Low-tonnage cargoes are transported by easy commercial trucks. (Pickups, low-tonnage vans and trucks to 3,5 t.

Low-tonnage trucks can transportate:

  • General cargoes
  • Dangerous cargoes in the presence of ADR the complete set and corresponding permissions, certificates and licenses
  • Special at corresponding permissions, licenses and other documents
  • Cargoes with temperature conditions if light tonnage truck is the refrigerator
  • Cargoes exhibition
  • Personal things

The sizes of low-tonnage trucks are most different, therefore it is necessary to know volume and the size of a place of the packed cargo before transportation planning.

Consumers which do not need transportation of great volumes of cargo, can quite use low-tonnage trucks of 0,5-3,5 tons that will be faster on time as express delivery. Trucks load-carrying capacity over 3,5 tons to 10 tons also can be used for transportation of small volumes of cargoes.

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Low tonnage cargoes are transported also by an air transport from the minimum weight in cargo compartments of passenger planes to several tons and more in air-freighter.

Different types of planes have the different sizes of cargo compartments, therefore are extremely important in air service the information on the sizes of each packed place, weight and contents.

Probably transported cargoes an air transport:

  • General cargoes
  • Dangerous cargoes
  • Special cargoes under corresponding conditions, packing and permissions
  • Exhibition cargoes
  • Personal things
  • House pupils at corresponding permissions in the countries and certain possibilities of airlines