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About company

MAN groups - group activities in the company, carrying out freight forwarding activities in all directions, adding new related services necessary for the customer.

Philosophy and vision of MAN groups:

М - MAXIMUM (Max-high level of service)

А - ACTIVITY (Active in business)

N - NISUS (Nisus to new opportunities)

The basic philosophy of the company is directed on the maximum convenience to the client in its service - we appreciate your time!

MAN groups transports the most different cargoes: the oversized and super heavy cargoes special, general, dangerous, low-tonnage and modular cargoes. Transportation carry out all types of transport.



Directions and services MAN groups:

Transportation of cargoes by truck from 1 pallet to oversized and super heavy cargoes as general and special.

Transportation of cargoes by an air transport from the minimum weight to several and more tons. Carrying out export, import, transit transportations and others, having a wide network of agents and partners, we offer services in the worldwide.

Transportation of cargoes by a sailing charter from 1 паллеты to oversized and super heavy cargoes, both general, and special, container cargoes, and also on a break-balk and Ro-Ro courts.

Transportation of cargoes by rail transport containers, cargoes in cars, gondola cars, isothermal and also special for different bulk, bulk and bulk, oversized and other cargoes.

Customs-broker services for export, import and transit cargoes that allows us to carry out a full complex of forwarding services with customs clearing and also the accompanying services connected with foreign-economic trade activities.

Cooperation with us will convince you that WE ARE DOING OUR BEST!